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Caroline and The Married Man

Season 1 Episode 113

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Richard sets Caroline up on a date with Tom, an arts council member, who happens to hold the key to Richard's future as a successful artist. But when he finds out that he is married, Richard is split between protecting a friend and furthering his career. Meanwhile, Del finds out that Caroline is dating again and sees Annie for advice on how to deal with the situation.

Caroline and The Married Man - Caroline in the City Season 1

Regular cast

Caroline Duffy / Lea Thompson

Caroline Duffy

Annie Spadaro / Amy Pietz

Annie Spadaro

Richard Karinsky / Malcolm Gets

Richard Karinsky

Del Cassidy / Eric Lutes

Del Cassidy

Charlie / Andy Lauer


Remo / Tom La Grua


Johnny / John Mariano


Guest appearances

Quote from this episode



Yeah, that's great, that's good, because I want this to be more than just a fling.

Caroline Duffy / Lea Thompson


Gee, and here I was hoping it'd be cheap and tawdry.



Caroline, I'm married.

Caroline Duffy / Lea Thompson


Oh, so it is cheap and tawdry!

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